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Our School

St Albert’s is committed to providing a quality education
and preparing students to be successful learners
within a rapidly changing world.

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Our Vision

St Albert’s is a place where:

  • God is named and witnessed, and the Eucharist is central to our teaching.
  • We are a welcoming community consisting of: staff, children, parents, other parishioners and the wider community. We respect and value the dignity of all.
  • We acknowledge and appreciate each other's gifts and talents.
  • Students are encouraged to develop their ability to make responsible decisions and choices and to accept the consequences.
  • We strive for each child to reach their individual potential and encourage excellence in a supportive and challenging environment.
  • It is vital to be thoroughly professional. We strive to keep up to date with current teaching practices and prioritise the children's interests in all our decision making and actions.

Our Facilities

St Albert’s has outstanding facilities that provide an excellent opportunity for the children to reach their full potential.  At St Albert’s we have four classrooms that are well-presented and provide a caring and rich environment for the children.  Each classroom has air-conditioning, fridges, data projectors and pods of computers or iPads.  In addition to the pods of computers in each classroom, we have a computer suite.

With Assistance from the Australian Government (Building the Education Revolution) we have built two outstanding facilities and refurbished the senior primary classrooms throughout.  We now have an outdoor basketball stadium with cushioned synthetic grass which can be used for basketball, netball, soccer, volleyball, hockey and cricket.

Our state of the art Resource Centre consisting of a library and ICT room is architecturally designed for flexible learning areas with break out spaces outside for further studies.  The Resource Centre is asthetically linked to the Outdoor Learning Precinct.

The Parish Hall has also recently undergone a major upgrade and is used by the school for such things as whole school assemblies, drama & music performances and instrumental tuition.

The students and staff at St Albert’s School benefit from new and contemporary facilities.


13 Geraldton Street , PO Box 570
Loxton South Australia 5333
T: (08) 8584 5110    F: (08) 8584 5133