Catholic Education South Australia


Frequently Asked Questions

St Albert's offers Reception to Year 6 Catholic education.

St Albert's will accept enrolment from years R-6, depending on availability.

Typically, most students will commence in Term One, however, we do offer a mid-year intake (subject to mutual agreement with the family, kindergarten and school)

You make an appointment and meet with the school principal and then lodge an application form.  If you are from interstate the application form is lodged prior to meeting with the principal.

At St Albert’s we foster close relationships with the kindergartens in our district, getting to know the children prior to commencing school.  Our Reception teachers and class visit the Loxton Preschool in the first few weeks of each term and the preschool children also visit St Albert’s each term.

All new children who are starting school the following term are invited to attend four transition visits as a lead up to beginning school.

The first visit consists of a 2 ½ hour session, the length of the session then gradually increases to allow the children to eventually experience the reality of attending school for a full day.

Parents are invited to share morning tea with other parents from the Reception class and members of the school community on the mornings of transition visits.

St Albert's has its own school bus which services the Loxton North area.  Students in other areas have access to other busses for bus runs.

All families are welcome at St Albert's. We are a welcoming school.

Students are transported to OSHC on the St Albert’s bus after school.

You do not need to live in Loxton to enrol, in fact a large percentage of our students live out of Loxton and catch a bus to school.


13 Geraldton Street , PO Box 570
Loxton South Australia 5333
T: (08) 8584 5110    F: (08) 8584 5133