St Albert’s exists to provide a quality Catholic Education
for primary students. We welcome children in order to show them, through Jesus’ example, what it means to be human.

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Why St Albert's?

Our school fees are very affordable and our facilities and curriculum offerings are second to none.  

All families are invited you to enrol your child at St Albert’s and be part of our community which is caring, welcoming and inclusive of all.

  • Our School endeavours to provide an environment that is an extension of the home so that each child feels that he or she is a part of the wider community. This environment is one where the child can feel comfortable, secure, respected as a person and find value in his/her self through respect shown to them.
  • Our school strives to foster a sense of love and caring in students through example and instruction. Therefore expectations and consequences regarding student behaviour are communicated along with forgiveness, empathy, caring and understanding.

 For enrolment enquires please contact the Principal.

School Fees

Our fees are set by the School Board on an annual basis. The school sets fees according to the needs of the school and with guidelines and recommendations from the Catholic Education Office. State and Commonwealth Government funding pays for approx 85% of the schools running costs. Fees are used for the payment of day-to-day running costs as well as curricular expenses.

Mid-Year Intake

We offer two intakes per year, the first in Term One and again in Term Three (subject to mutual accord with the class teacher, Kindergarten Director and Principal).

School Uniform

We believe uniform is important as it:

  • Identifies St Albert’s in the community.
  • Is a symbol of equality among students.
  • Demonstrates a sense of pride in belonging to this school.
  • Recognises and reflects our Dominican tradition.

Your child will be required to attend school in correct uniform at all times.  To ensure that this policy is adhered to, we request and seek the total support of all families in maintaining the excellent appearance of our children in the school and in the wider community.

The sport uniform will be worn for the whole day on the day of the week that your child's class participates in physical education lessons.

Hats are to be worn all year round, except June-August in line with our Sun Smart policy outside the classrooms.  We have a ‘No Hat, No Play’ policy.


The Loxton District Children’s Centre (Woodleigh) operate the OSHC service in the school house at the Loxton Primary School. Students are transported to OSHC on the St Albert’s bus.


13 Geraldton Street , PO Box 570
Loxton South Australia 5333
T: (08) 8584 5110    F: (08) 8584 5133