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At St Albert’s, we pride ourselves on the programs we provide that complement our standard curriculum. Our dedicated staff regularly give up their time to create further opportunities that the children might not otherwise enjoy.

National Education Assessment Competitions

Students have the opportunity to participate in a number of academic competitions throughout the year.

These competitions include English, Mathematics, ICT and Science.

Camps and Enrichment Week

Each year our school has an Enrichment Week when students in Reception and Year 1 take part in a full day excursion.

Years 2 and 3 attend a sleep over at the school and take part in a full day excursion the following day in the local area.

Students in Years 4-6 attend a (3 day 2 nights) camp during this week. This camp is designed to help build on the community and family atmosphere of the school by giving children from across the school more opportunities to interact with each other. This takes place within a well structured activity program which combines adventure, team building, and educational experiences which complement the classroom curriculum.

Year 7’s attend the combined Loxton Primary Schools’ Canberra Trip at the end of Term 4, providing the opportunity for students to meet prior to their first year at Loxton High School.


Excursions and performances are regularly planned to enrich the educational program at St Albert’s.  We believe that children’s experiences beyond the classroom contribute to their growth and development, and also complement work being undertaken in the classroom.

Student Representative Council

Students are chosen from Reception to Year 7 to represent the school community of St Albert’s. The children meet fortnightly with our Pastoral Support teacher and bring forward suggestions from their class meetings that are relevant to the SRC. They are encouraged in their role as responsible leaders to set an example for the other students in our school community.

Swimming Program

Children in Years Reception-5 participate in the school's annual swimming program, unless prevented for medical reasons. It is an Education Department Program convened at the local pool, with fully qualified instructors working with small groups of children.


Annual Sports Day

Each year our school teams Specht, Horan, Caffery and Murphy compete in a range of activities for the School’s Championship shield.
This Sport's Day includes a health hustle, tabloid events, team games and individual sprint races.

SACPSASA Swimming / Athletics Carnivals

SA Catholic Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association (SACPSASA).

Children in Years 4-7 are eligible to try out for representation at the SACPSASA Swimming Carnival in Term 1 each year. In Term 4, these children are also eligible to trial for the Athletics team that competes at Santos Stadium in Adelaide.

SACPSASA Sporting Carnivals

SA Catholic Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association (SACPSASA).

Children in Years 5 - 7 are encouraged to try out for representation of various St Albert’s and Riverland sporting carnivals.  Coaching from staff and parents is provided for each competition.


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