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Support Programs

Each child is an individual developing at a different rate and this needs to be considered when planning and evaluating their learning program.  At St Albert’s, each child is given the opportunity to develop to their full potential and additional learning programs are provided so that each child can experience ongoing success at their own level.

Adaptive Education

Adaptive Education students are those who experience Literacy and/or Numeracy learning difficulties and receive some form of curriculum adaptation through their classroom teacher or education support officer, by either one to one assistance or small group support.  Students at risk of not reaching their respective achievement band are enrolled in our intervention program.

Rainbow Reading

The Rainbow Reading Program is a supportive, interesting and effective intervention program which aims to assist students to consolidate their reading skills.

This program is an audio facilitated reading program consisting of a series of books, at seven colour coded levels, with accompanying audio support and activities.

Lexile Reading

The Lexile reading program is an innovative computer based resource that encourages and monitors guided and independent readers.

Lexile has a huge data base of over 7,000 books and the children find it interesting and want to read.


Quicksmart is a Mathematics program aimed at assisting students who have learning difficulties in basic mathematic operations.  The program encourages students to become quick in their response speed and smart in their understanding and strategy use. The results have been outstanding and Quicksmart has provided students with a sound foundation for further learning.

School Start Buddy

Used in partnership with Jolly Phonics, School Start Buddy is specifically designed for children who are in the early stages of their schooling. It is a tool used in partnership with families and comes complete with written and online resources.  It has redefined our experience of Literacy at St Alberts.

Gifted and Talented Program

Extension activities are provided that will encourage and assist students who are capable of extended work.

Students are selected upon class teacher recommendations.  In some year levels students will move to the next grade for particular subjects.


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